Hiligaynon WOD: Tandotando

Seven months at site, I’m still working steadily to learn the local language. I’m doing well. I can now communicate at maybe the level of a talkative 4-year-old. Learning Hiligaynon can be deceptively difficult because similar to Tagalog there are a lot of Spanish sounding words and phrases. However, the roots of the language are very different from English’s Latin and Germanic bases. There are a lot of words that just don’t translate well into english and vice-versa. But, this morning I stumbled across a fun one: tandotando. 


n. a) a larvae which keeps bobbing its head when pressed out of its cocoon b) a yes-person; toady; sycophant

So, don’t be a tandotando!


Author: Cara Simpson

Fish enthusiast. Virginia born. Maryland educated. Philippines Peace Corps Volunteer.

2 thoughts on “Hiligaynon WOD: Tandotando”

  1. It seems to suit you. The appreciation you show for the people and the country in general should make this exciting as well as unforgettable. You will make things better.


  2. 😂 I love diversity in all its iterations and this is a fun example of why! I just had the good fortune to stumble upon your blog! I’ll be sure to follow it from here in out. Keep sharing and connect with me at my site : tonyetariah-fitnessandhealth.com


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