Medical Clearance (part III)

Today I received the following message on my PC medical portal!

(See posts Medical Clearance part I, part II to read more about the process.)

Dear Ms. Simpson,
You have received your final medical and dental clearance for Peace Corps service.
Please be aware of the following requirements:
 You are required to bring a three (3) month supply of all your current medications to country with you. The Peace Corps will use generic equivalents whenever possible.
 The Peace Corps does not provide medications that are elective or cosmetic (such as for hair loss or facial wrinkles). The Peace Corps does not provide homeopathic or naturopathic (herbal remedies) or vitamin treatments other than multivitamins.
 Please contact the Office of Medical Services if you are considering an IUD or Implanon for birth control. These products require specific follow-up documentation and their use may affect country placement. The Peace Corps is also unable to support or provide the NuvaRing contraceptive or contraceptive patches, but other alternatives will be offered.
 If you wear glasses, bring 2 pairs with your current prescription with you. The Peace Corps does not provide or support the use of contact lens, due to limited access to cleaning supplies and environmental concerns.
 If you have a medication allergy, or a medical condition that requires a Med-alert or similar type bracelet, you must wear it at all times while in Peace Corps.
 If you have an EpiPen® kit, you are required to have it with you at all times during your service.
 If you have ever had a mammogram or ultrasound of your breasts, please bring a digital copy of the images to your country of assignment.
 Please be advised that during your Peace Corps service we will provide the following routine dental exam schedule: an exam and cleaning at mid-service and COS.

Your medical and dental clearance is based on the information you have provided to us regarding your past medical and dental history and your current medical and dental status. You must notify us immediately if there are or have been any changes in your medical or dental condition. This includes any illness or injury, any treatment by or advice from a health care provider or any updated laboratory or radiology tests. You must also notify us immediately if you change, stop or start any prescription or non-prescription medication.

If you provide misleading, inaccurate or incomplete information, you may be disqualified for or terminated from Peace Corps service at any time.

*****, RN


Author: Cara Simpson

Fish enthusiast. Virginia born. Maryland educated. Philippines Peace Corps Volunteer.

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