Medical Clearance (part I)


After accepting my invite, I was feeling antsy about getting started with the medical clearance process. I had heard it can be horrible. I’ve heard of people feeling blindsided by not being granted clearance. I’m fairly healthy– but I was worried. I have a history of weird allergies and a recent back injury. And, of course there was always the chance that while getting cleared, a doctor would find something I didn’t know about.

However, medical tasks don’t arrive until no more than 200 days prior to staging. So, I waited. Then, on December 14th (precisely 200 days before staging), my tasks appeared. They were as follows (with some notes):

  • Prescription eye glass form – (only for people w/ reported vision issues) so that PC can replace lost/broken glasses in service
  • Pap smear cytology report- obviously, females only
  • HHF positive response form- just confirming what was filled out in the health history form submitted with the application
  • Reported medication verification- confirmed the reported medications, needed to be signed by a physician
  • Physical examination form- the was the largest task
  • Physical exam lab work- basic blood work
  • Copy of vaccination records – I submitted the records from my college
  • Medical care compliance form – sign and send
  • Varicella proof of immunity form – I got a titer
  • MMR proof of immunity form – Vaccination records
  • Dental exam forms – pretty easy, I had my dentist fill it out from my last check up, no new appt needed
  • Dental x-rays – obtained print outs from my dentist, scanned, and submitted
  • TDAP proof of immunity form – Vaccination records
  • G6PD lab test – included in my physical blood work
  • Spine condition medical records – scheduled a new apt with the back doctor I had been seeing

Completing the above tasks was not a trivial matter. But, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. Also, having good health insurance, I spent no additional money on the above steps. Everything was covered, except the physical, but my doctor’s office submitted the Peace Corps cost share forms and received payment from them directly. I had submitted all forms by January 21st, several weeks before my deadline.


Author: Cara Simpson

Fish enthusiast. Virginia born. Maryland educated. Philippines Peace Corps Volunteer.

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