Medical Clearance (part II)

On February 2nd, just 4 days after I thought I had finished medical clearance (see part I), I got an email that I had a request for supporting medical documents. They were as follows:

  • Diagnostic testing results of back or spine condition- (resubmission  required)
  • Copy of childhood vaccines- (resubmission  required)
  • Personal statement on back pain
  • Personal statement on allergies
  • Proof of polio vaccine- PC requires a booster after the age of 18

The personal statements were fairly simple. I was given specific questions about my allergies and back pain, including my treatment, symptoms, etc. No problem.

I was confused by the request for childhood vaccines– I had submitted the records from my undergraduate. I sent my assigned PC nurse (Tina- she’s great) a message through the medical portal. She said they needed a more detailed record. So, I contacted my high school. Miraculously, they still had all of my vaccination records on file.

The original document I submitted relating to my back condition wasn’t what the PC wanted. I had submitted a form from my doctor basically saying, “yep- she can serve”. But, they want actual diagnostic reports. So, I had to contact the original doctor I saw for the condition, the one who actually ordered an MRI and diagnosed me. They sent me my medical forms no problem. Another task down.

The polio vaccine was a little trickier. I tried contacted my general practitioner. (She and her office had been awesome helping with medical clearance so far.) But, they said they didn’t do polio boosters for adults.  Then, I tried a veteran’s affairs clinic. While they do see PC volunteers, the one I contacted didn’t do polio vaccines. So, as a final resort I contacted passport health. This is where I incurred my first PC medical cost. They charged $145 dollars for the appointment fee and the vaccination. Rough. But, it was done.

Finally, my pre-service nurse, asked if it was possible to obtain medical records of the two foot surgeries I reported. I said probably. So, new task! Getting the records from the first surgery was tricky. They had to dig up the original paper file, filed under the wrong name. But, they got it to me pretty painlessly. Getting the other set of records was a pain. And, they charged me $0.39 per page and then sent me 50 pages of mostly garbage. But, again, another task down.

Now, I’m just hanging in, fingers crossed, hoping to receive final medical clearance soon!



Author: Cara Simpson

Fish enthusiast. Virginia born. Maryland educated. Philippines Peace Corps Volunteer.

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