Quick Packing Advice

Last night, I participated in a pre-service conference call organized by my country’s desk officer. (The country desk officer is a PC employee who is in charge of coordinating all issues between PC countries of service and the PC headquarters in DC, among other responsibilities.) A variety of topics were discussed, mostly focusing on setting appropriate expectations. There was one piece of advice I really liked that I thought I’d share:

“When you’re preparing for departure, don’t spend too much time packing. Spend time with you friends and family, because, six months in, everything you packed will be moldy, and you’ll be trying to figure out how to Skype home.”

I liked that. It’s a good reminder that, although I’m extremely excited to get started on my journey, the most important thing I can do pre-departure is spend time with the people I’ll be leaving behind during my 27 months of service.


Author: Cara Simpson

Fish enthusiast. Virginia born. Maryland educated. Philippines Peace Corps Volunteer.

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