First Post: Why I’m Here

Although I do not leave for the Philippines for another several months, I’ve started this blog in order to share my experience applying and preparing for departure. Maybe it’ll help someone out down the road thinking about applying for a similar PC position as reading old blogs has helped me.

I guess one place to start is by talking about why I ended up applying. I think a lot of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) have dreamed of the Peace Corps long time. That wasn’t me. I thought the idea sounded interesting, but hadn’t given it much thought. However, as I reached the last ~6 months of my career as a master’s student, I started to explore job opportunities. Most people who graduate with a degree in fisheries science have a fairly short list of popular options:

  1. Stay in academia and go for a PhD somewhere
  2. Work as a technician and gain/improve some skills
  3. Go into the management world
  4. Find some sort of niche fellowship

I wasn’t ready for options 1 or 3, and wasn’t so excited about the technician jobs I saw posted. Looking into fellowships and internships, one day I decided to check the PC website for openings containing the key word, “fish.” Just one popped up. A Coastal Resource Management position in the Philippines with a list of requirements and desired skills that could have been read directly from my resume.

That was it. I began my application right away. I submitted it by the end of September and was invited in November. I’ll add another post soon talking more about the application process.


Author: Cara Simpson

Fish enthusiast. Virginia born. Maryland educated. Philippines Peace Corps Volunteer.

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